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The Executive Committee of the First China International Import Expo (CIIE) Holds the First Meeting

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On October 8, the first meeting of the executive committee of the first China International Import Expo was held in Shanghai. The director of the executive committee and Minister of Commerce Zhong Shan hosted the meeting and delivered a speech, and the director of the executive committee and the mayor of Shanghai Ying Yong attended the meeting and made a speech. Those responsible for this from all member units attended the meeting. The document about the establishment of the executive committee was released at the meeting, and it also reported the preparation work of all working groups, studied and planned the further work.

The meeting pointed out that holding the China International Import Expo is a major decision of the CPC with comrade Xi Jinping as its core to promote a new round of higher-level opening up. It is a significant measure for China to proactively open its market to the world. General Secretary Xi Jinping repeatedly stressed that the import expo is not an ordinary exhibition, and it should be held as a world-class expo. Successfully holding the first import expo is a major political task of the CPC, and all units should improve political stance and enhance political responsibility and sense of historical mission.

The meeting noted that since last year, under the strong leadership of the CPC and the State Council, all member units have been solidly working together to promote the preparatory work according to the requirements of the "five first classes," and have achieved positive progress and the periodical goals, which has laid a solid foundation for the holding of a world-class expo.

The meeting requested that the next step should focus on six aspects. First, we must fully arrange home diplomatic activities to ensure a successful ending. Second, we must do our best to ensure security and ensure that everything is safe. Third, we must give full publicity to public opinions and create a good atmosphere. Fourth, we must make every effort to improve the level of exhibition trade and ensure the effectiveness of the exhibition. Fifth, we must do our best to run the Hongqiao International Trade Forum and build a high-level forum. Sixth, we must endeavor to do a good job in urban security and create a first-class service and environment.

The meeting stressed that all units of the executive committee should seriously carry out the important instructions and spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping and strengthen the four “awarenesses” and two “safeguards.” Under the unified leadership of the preparatory committee, we should ensure that we “understand the spirit correctly, organize the event properly, and all personnel are in their position with full commitment.” We should make joint effort to implement all work solidly, carefully and effectively with the perseverance to hammer away until a task is done in order to ensure a successful expo and fulfill the tasks assigned by the CPC.

The Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government stated that they will resolutely follow the instruction of the CPC and implement the arrangements. They will motivate the whole city to do a good job in urban service security, and strengthen refined detailed and precise management, thus making Shanghai cleaner, more orderly, and safer. They will have serious rehearsals to ensure that major events and urban operations function efficiently and smoothly, and make greater contributions to the successful holding of the expo.

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