Hydraulic modular
A-series wider hydraulic modular (3 files)

A-series hydraulic modular trailer can be designed according to the actual demand of user's for transporting different sizes of goods. It is widely used on industry of power, nuclear, water conservancy, mining and metallurgy, machinery, chemical industry and urban infrastructure construction, to transport mega weight and voer size cargo that impossible to be splited.

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Product details

The most advantage of this specific trailer is flexible. The end user can combine longitudinal or lateral the trailers to meet the request that come from different mass and size of the cargo.

* modular designed, can be combined lateral and longitudinal according to size or mass of cargo.

* The modulars can be divided into 2 axlelines modular, 3 axlelines modular, 4 axlelines modular, 5 axlelines modular, 6

   axlelines modular, 7 axlelines modular and 8 axlelines modular.

* The cargo mass to be transported reaches 3000 tons.

* Adopt hydarulic independent suspension with good performance of shockabsorbing and road adaption.

* All wheel steering with smaller steering radius.

* Loading plarform can lift to load cargo easier.