Self-propelled modular transporter
3-meter-wide SPMT

 The self-propelled modular transporter (SPMT) is a high-end product derived from the hydraulic combination trailer, which can realize the self-propelled function without the traction of a tractor. It is composed of a driven 4-axle modular transporter, a driven 6-axle modular transporter and a power modular unit (PPU), the modulars can be mechanically connected, and can be located freely so as to transport the goods up to tens of thousands of tons.      

Performance features:

● High-end product derived from the hydralic combination trailer.           
● It has its own power, no need tractors.
● It is composed of 6-axle modular transporter, 4-axle modular transporter and PPU.

● The modulars can be combined in parallel, T-shape, Y-shape, V-shape and ring-shape. 

● The modulars can be mechanically connected, and can be located freely.

●It employs transverse driving mode, ordinary driving mode, front-axle steering mode, rear-axle steering mode, oblique and 90 degree angular or circle around mode.

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Product details



     1. PPU employs world famous brand engine, such as MANN, DEUTZ, BENZ and CUMMINS and it can be customized and configured according to the actual needs of user's.

     2. Main parameters     

Qty of axle line 4 6
Speed(km/h) 5 1 5
Max.mass(kg) 136000 216000 204000
Curb masskg 16000 24000 24000
Rated load(kg) 120000 192000 180000
Per axle line load(kg) 34000 36000 34000
Per bogies load(kg) 17000 18000 17000
Qty of driving axle line 1 or 2 2
Total lengthmm 6000 9000
Total width(mm) 3000 3000
Empty load height(mm) 1280±300 1280±300
Wheelbasemm 1500 1500
Wheeltread(mm) 1800 1800
Tire 215/75R17.5 215/75R17.5
Qty of tire 32 48
Wheel turning angle ±110° ±110°
Tracting force(Kn) 120 or 240 240
Suspension type Hydraulic 3 or 4 points support
Steering mode Eletronic controlled multi-direction steering