Self-propelled modular transporter
2.43-meter-wide SPMT

Performance and features:

 •  Adopt industrial pneumatic tyre, standard heavy frame, axle load of 40 tons, the load capacity of unit area greatly improved; 

•  The standard structural size design is suitable for flat rack container transportation and can be used worldwide;

•  Adopt modular design, the modulars can be combined in parellel or in series to transport tens of thousands of tons of goods;   
•  The programmable electronic control multimode steering makes the transporter more flexible and maneuverable;
•  Each modular and PPU are equipped with an electronic microcontroller so as to complete complicated as well as various modular combination;

•  Hydraulic brake, hydraulic drive, dual pipeline rupture safety protection system; 

•  The main parts adopt the first class brand products with high quality.

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Product details

1. PPU employs world famous brand engine, such as MANN, DEUTZ, BENZ and CUMMINS and it can be customized and configured according to the actual demands of end user. Electric motor can be also adopted.

2. The series of 2.43m width SPMT has been developped into two series, one is loading capacity 40t/axleline series while the other series is 48t/axleline series.